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    COVID-19 News – Over 2 Million cases registered and 134,616 fatalities so far globally

    COVID-19, cases are expanding day by day rapidly, and most of the countries are not able to remove or defeat this pandemic. The world is sliding into a dark war against Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, but at present, Coronavirus is a massive pandemic. However, that’s not meant Corona is the final winner of the war, it’s on the way not ended yet.

    As per the worldometer, there are a total of 2,083,304 cases in the world, around 134,616 deaths are confirmed so far, approximately 4% of cases are in critical condition. 510,350 patients recovered and discharged. Still, the scientists and doctors are trying to find the vaccine of this pandemic. The number of cases and total deaths of some top most countries are given below in the tabular form –

    Country Total cases Deaths confirmed
    USA 644,089 28,529
    Spain 180,659 18,812
    Italy 165,155 21,645
    France 147,863 17,167
    Germany 134,753 3,804
    UK 98,476 12,868
    China 82,341 3,342
    Iran 76,389 4,777
    Turkey 69,392 1,518
    Belgium 33,573 4,440

    India is also trying to defeat this pandemic, and social distancing is one of the best precautionary measures to stop this virus. We urge you to follow the guidelines and stay at home during the lockdown.


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