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    Central Government permitted these services during the Lockdown

    The Central Government on wednesday issued new guidelines for the second phase of the lockdown. Except for special cases, the ban on public transport and traffic will continue till 3 May. Work has been allowed from April 20 in many essential areas related to life. But these concessions will not be in hot spot areas.

    As per the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs, services from self-employed electricians, ITI repair workers, plumbers, motor mechanics, carpenters will be allowed from April 20. Keeping in view the social distance, work will also be permitted in industrial units in rural areas.

    No relief in Hot spot areas: The exemption from April 20 will be conditional. The exemption will be withdrawn if a new one is found infected. This exemption will not apply to hotspot areas. State or Union Territories will not reduce them at any stage.

    Wearing masks is mandatory: Wearing masks or face covering has been made compulsory in public places across the country. Arrangements will be made to check the body temperature at all working areas, and sanitizers will be provided.

    Spitting will be a punishable offense: Spitting in public places has become a punishable offense, and strict prohibition has been imposed on the sale of alcohol, gutka, tobacco, etc.

    These departments will work: Defense, Para Military Forces, Health and Family Welfare, Disaster Management, NIC, FCI, NCC, and Customs Offices will work without any restriction.

    Full attendance of officers required: Other Ministries and Departments, officers of the rank of Deputy Secretary and above will work with 100% attendance. Other officers and employees will work with a presence up to 33% as per requirement.

    New services starting from April 20:

    • Online shopping: E-commerce company providing essential goods will deliver goods to your home.
    • General Store: Grocery and ration shops will remain open.
    • Shops with sanitary items will open.
    • Fruit Vegetables: Fruit vegetable carts.
    • Milk, meat shops: Dairy and milk booths, shops selling poultry, meat, fish, and feed.
    • Electric shops: Electric mechanic, plumber, motor mechanic, and the carpenter will be able to work.
    • IT companies Approval to work in IT companies with 50% of employees.

    Discount on these services:

     Agriculture: All activities related to farming will continue. Farmers and agricultural laborers will be allowed to work related to agriculture. Agricultural equipment and their repair shops will remain open. The activities of manufacture and distribution of fertilizers, seeds, pesticides will continue.

    Banking: IT vendors, banking correspondents, and cash management agencies will continue to work for bank branches and ATM banking operations. Post offices will open.

    Health: Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, dispensaries, medical stores, and medical labs will remain open. Pathology lab medicine companies will be open, medical emergency, and special Approval will be allowed to go to another state and other districts.

    Restrictions on these services: Public traffic, Public places, inter-state, Inter-district movement, Metro, Bus services, Educational institutions, coaching centers, domestic and international air traffic, train services, cinemas, malls, shopping complex gymkhana, sports complex, swimming Public spaces such as pool bars will remain closed during this period. All social, political, sports, religious ceremonies, religious places, places of prayer will also be banned.


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