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    Top 4 Fertility Treatments and Tips for Choosing the Right Fertility Clinic

    Various couples struggle to get pregnant, and it can prove to be an excruciating and strenuous process. Failing to conceive can be a disappointment  for people couples and can subject their relationship to a lot of stress. It can be the most challenging phase of one’s life, but in today’s medically advanced world, several fertility treatments offered by the best fertility clinic in India can assist couples in making their families complete.

    Here we have for you a guide to some fertility treatments available for couples that are struggling to conceive. IVF ( In Vitro Fertilization)

    IVF can be one of the most eminent choices for the couples who are unable to conceive. . It is one such option that is not entirely dependent upon the baby’s mother; It is possible to choose a surrogate to carry your baby on your behalf. The IVF process starts by taking a developed egg from the ovaries of the mother, which is then fertilized by the sperm of the father in a laboratory in fertility clinic India. Once the egg is fertilized, it is transferred to the uterus of the woman carrying the baby. It generally takes about three weeks to complete one full cycle, and it is recommended to maintain a stress-free environment for the expectant mother.

    Natural cycle IVF

    Another counterpart of IVF is natural IVF wherein doctors will keep track of your normal cycle and take out a single egg while the patient is ovulating. The egg is then fertilized in the fertility clinic and transferred to the uterus. Apart from the initial process, everything remains the same for natural as well as traditional IVF procedures. There are several upsides of natural cycle IVF such as no drugs are used to revive the growth of follicles as compared to traditional IVF.

    Donor eggs

    With IVF being the prime means of conception, several options are aimed at solving particular problems in couples. Opting for donor eggs is one such solution. This is helpful in a scenario wherein a woman is unable to produce eggs. So, in order to conceive, a donor egg is taken from a fertile woman and is fertilized with the sperm of the father by the best fertility clinic in India and inserted into the uterus. This procedure is aimed at benefiting women with low egg count, poor quality eggs, or for women with genetic disorders or any serious condition that they don’t want to pass on to their child.

    Egg Freezing

    Women these days are more career and life-oriented than they were in previous generations.  Hence, many are considering getting  their eggs frozen while they are at their prime health to experience pregnancy later when they are ready. Since the quality of eggs tends to reduce as women grow older; it is best advised to freeze and store the eggs when they are in their 20s or early 30s. This process entails extraction of about 10 to 20 eggs at the time of freezing and can be defrosted, fertilized and implanted anytime post freezing.

    Now since you are well versed with the options that you have, let’s discuss some tips to help you find the right fertility clinic.

    A fertility clinic can give you a big- picture solution. It stands imperative to ensure that the clinic of your choosing has strong ethics and superior quality control. And to do so make sure to ask them the following questions-

    • How experienced are the doctors working in their clinic?
    • Do they have all the necessary licenses and other documentation to support infertility treatments?
    • Are they maintaining the hygiene standards required to facilitate the requested treatment?
    • Do they provide post-treatment care and consultation?

    Once you are through with this screening process, you will have the assistance of the best fertility clinic in India that will be able to support your needs in the best possible manner.


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