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    Top 3 most expensive Motorbikes in the world

    If you are a bike lover, then keep reading this article. Today we are going to provide you with the 3 most expensive bikes in the world. We will try to provide you a detailed guide about these Motorbikes.

    Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

    Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter bike is available in limited edition and not so far as 45 models have only existed in the world. The price of this beast is around $11 million. Some more information of this bike is given below –

    Model Neiman Marcus
    Engine type 120ci 45-degree air-cooled V-Twin
    Top speed 190 mph
    Frame Ultralight carbon fiber

    A lot of high tech gadgets and amazing brake system is installed successfully in this superbike produced by Neiman Marcus.

    E90 AJS Porcupine

    The E90 AJS Porcupine is the considerably expensive British superbike manufactured by Associated Motor Cycle (AMC) and manufactured with a horizontal designed engine E905. AJS entirely designs this motorcycle as per the super warrior in bikes. The price is $7 million as per the AJS Porcupine manufacturer.

    Model AJS Porcupine
    Engine type parallel-twin c.c. d.o.h.c
    Ignition Magneto
    Gearbox 4-speed
    Frame Duplex cradle with pivoting-fork rear suspension
    Year 1949

    With gloom, the 1954 year only the swansong year for Porcupine, as the death occurred of AMC founder Charlie Collier, AJS directed by him. And record book also showed that AJS wins five times between the years 1949 and 1954.

    Ecosse ES1 Spirit

    As researches predicted that, the bike manufacturer consulted to a professional bike-rider to initial train himself two-week for this enormous bike ride. Price is $3.6 million produced by Ecosse Spirit.

    Model Ecosse Spirit ES1
    Engine type V4, four-stroke
    Power 200.00 HP (146.0 KW )
    Category Prototype / concept model
    Top-speed 370.1 km/h (230.0 mph)
    Gearbox 6-speed
    Year 2010

    This is not a two-wheeled simple running machine; instead, it’s with a massive Engine, fantastic chassis framework too, Swingarm and rear suspension attached to the gearbox.


    These were most expensive bikes, for more information you can visit Wikipedia or visit their official website. I hope you enjoyed this article.


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