Netflix is a live streaming video app as you all know about it and also provides the best streaming experience for viewers. And a trustable brand for every steamer, that streams movies or video on Netflix only, at a normal price.

COVID-19 lockdown is a huge issue for teachers and students for teaching and learning. However, no school are being open due to this crisis. Whether Netflix is solving the problem of teachers and students by contributing it’s best educational resources and documentaries.

Netflix has released 10 documentaries on its YouTube channel for free. These 10 documentaries are available for educational purposes, granted on US YouTube channel. It helps the teachers for teaching students in a better strategy and gets enable to students for learning useful topics during Corona lockdown. As many of the students feeling bored due to this COVID-19 lockdown. This is the best path of educating provided by Netflix.

All 10 documentaries are provided in the English language, but after this week the subtitles will be available in many languages for the normal understanding of students. Netflix is processing for better conversation between teachers and students.

Netflix is not prevailing for movies streaming only, but for educational purposes also, help teachers to screen documentaries in their classrooms for instructing students.

Netflix is also providing educational reserves for educating, like FAQs, Q&As and study guides.



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