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    Types of Advertising to Publish A Product OR Service

    What are the types of advertising that exist? How can we publicize our product or service? Without a doubt, it is a question that companies have to ask themselves when designing any sales strategy.

    The truth is that you can advertise from many perspectives: Corporate advertising, financial advertising, or product or service advertising. When our purpose is fundamentally to sell or publicize a product or service, we find that there are different ways of doing it depending on the objectives set in the advertising campaign to be carried out.

    The Types of Advertising you Should Know

    In the past we only distinguished different types of advertising on physical media, while over time that has changed.

    Online Advertising

    The emergence of the Internet has also shown us new ways of reaching our target audience. In this field, we find multiple advertising models: ads in search engines (Google Ads) or on social networks (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads …), banners on websites, sponsored articles in newspapers as well classifieds.

    In this type of advertising, we can segment and measure the data with much greater precision than in conventional advertising. We can even optimize our budgets through so-called PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, where we only pay each time a potential customer enters our sales page.

    The possibilities that this type of advertising opens up are immense, if we take into account the potential of Big Data to better segment our audiences and personalize our ads to the maximum. Nor should we forget techniques such as contextual advertising or remarketing, which allow us to send new advertising messages to the user who has already seen our advertising.

    Print Advertising

    It is the advertising that we find in newspapers, magazines and brochures. Over the years, this advertising has been regressing due to the crisis of the print media. However, it is still used given the great loyalty of the followers who buy this type of publication.

    Advertising on Radio and Television

    Radio and television advertising are another of the traditional ways of reaching our audience. Through image and sound the general public can be reached. There are even possibilities to segment our advertising with local television and radio media.

    External Advertising

    Another of the traditional forms of advertising is undoubtedly outdoor advertising. Billboards, posters, lights, banners; this type of advertising is very close to the potential customer and must stand out for its great visual strength to attract attention.

    Telephone and E-Mail Advertising

    This type of advertising consists of the communication of the product or service by telephone to our potential clients. E-mail is also used as an advertising medium (different from e-mail marketing) when we carry out direct advertising on people interested in our product or service.

    These types of advertising are only acceptable when the recipient has previously given their permission for the company to use their data for the established purposes, under the conditions set out in the new General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

    What is the Best Type of Advertising for our Company?

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    Every company must have a General Marketing Plan and a Media Plan where it is decided what, how and when we want to advertise. Likewise, we must have a budget assigned and carry out a market study that allows us to optimize our advertising spending to the maximum to obtain the best conversion rate and the best return on investment.

    Thanks to online or Internet advertising, today we have excellent tools to measure the results of our advertising campaigns through Classifieds. We can better segment our audience so that our messages reach only those people who may really be interested, thus improving our conversion rates and reducing intrusive advertising techniques.

    We are also living in an environment where indiscriminate advertising is becoming less effective and is in question due to new data protection regulations.

    Companies must understand the new panorama that opens before them, the role of the emergence of new online media and the changes we have experienced towards more empathetic, more precise advertising, closer to the potential customer and less intrusive.

    The new advertising is no longer focused on the product or service that you want to sell. Nor in the company that sells or distributes it. It is focused on the client as the main protagonist and his specific needs.


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