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    Everything you Need to Know About VoIP Calls

    If you have a computer or smartphone, then you’ve probably met people stating that they make free VoIP calls to their friends and family. What exactly is calling via VoIP? What kind of technology do you need to have to use it? How does it work? And what companies can you find today that take advantage of this technology to offer exceptional calling IP telephony service around the world? To find all the answers, keep reading!

    What is Calling via VoIP?

    VoIP is an abbreviation that represents Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a type of innovation that permits verbal correspondence, for example, that did by phone, which is changed over into a computerized design, communicated over the Internet to arrive at the beneficiary. There are different names for VoIP innovation, including broadband phone, web communication, voice over broadband, and IP communication.

    The advantage of VoIP technology is that it is cheaper to transmit this information over the Internet by using satellite communication services or regular telephone lines. Therefore, it is much cheaper to transmit all calls, video calls or SMS over the Internet. This allows VoIP providers to offer the above expensive services at much cheaper rates than those offered by traditional phone operators.

    Innovative new technologies have allowed some companies like Omnitotal to use VoIP solutions that work on both a phone and a computer. This has opened up VoIP technology enormously to phone users around the world and allow providers to develop new programs and technologies to keep in touch with friends easier and cheaper.

    What Kind of Equipment do I Need to use VoIP?

    Initially, many companies tried to take advantage of VoIP technology and developed a range of add-ons that would be linked to their landline to make the service available. However, this created two major problems; it wouldn’t work on a mobile phone and if your home suffered a power outage then you wouldn’t be able to make or receive any kind of calls.

    However, several specialized companies were able to take advantage of VoIP technology and develop programs and technology that allow its use without the need for expensive equipment. Some of the best known are the following:

    • Skype: Possibly the best known of all VoIP providers, it uses VoIP technology to allow free conversations and texts between users via mobile phones and computers.
    • Vonage: Vonage offers VoIP calls to its customers over existing broadband connections for PCs and smartphones and also through regular digital phones.

    How to Make a VoIP Call?

    Making VoIP calls is very simple. Once you are registered with one of the above companies, you just have to add the number of your friend or family member to your contact list. Get in touch with your friends and ask them to install the same provider as you on their devices or PC. Whenever they are enlisted, you can then utilize VoIP innovation to stay in contact by bringing similarly as you would with conventional methods.

    And the Advantages?

    VoIP technology is faster, cheaper, and just as easy to use as traditional calling technology. In addition to voice, other information such as video can be transmitted at the same time at no additional cost. The result of this is that users get better quality in their international calls and video calls, completely free or at the lowest prices, especially if you are with a quality provider.


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