US company said, initial results of developing corona virus vaccine promising

US biotech firm Moderna, Moderna, Coronavirus vaccine, vaccine for coronavirus- India TV
Today the whole world is battling the corona virus epidemic. Many countries are involved in the search for vaccines to control the virus, including India, America, China, Germany and France. Meanwhile, a good news came out of America on Monday. In an important development related to the development of the Corona virus vaccine, a US biotechnology company said on Monday that the results of initial vaccine testing in people have been promising.

A company called Moderna said that the first corona virus vaccine to be tested in people appears to be safe, according to a report published in the US newspaper New York Times. The company said the test results were based on 8 healthy volunteers, each with 2–2 doses of the vaccine. Let us know that this test started from March. The company said that the people who were given doses made antibodies in their bodies that when tested in the laboratory were able to prevent the virus from replicating.

The company further stated that the levels of these so-called antibodies were then matched to the levels of antibodies of those who had recovered after being caught by the corona virus. Moderna said that it will include 600 people in the second phase of the trial which will start soon. It said the third phase of the trial would begin in July involving thousands of people. FDA has approved ‘Moderna’ to proceed to the second phase of 


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