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    Voices against China have intensified in the USA

    American parliamentarian gets more than 40,000 signatures on the anti-China petition.

    Nikki Launches ‘Stop China’ Campaign: US Ambassador to United Nations and Republican Party Leader Nikki Haley in the country said that the Chinese Communist Government needs to be held responsible for lying about the Corona epidemic. The Indian MP has also started a campaign to get an online petition signed. In which the US Parliament has been requested to react to the case. More than 40,000 people had signed the ‘Stop Communist China’ petition by Friday night. The Indian-American leader started the campaign with a target of 100,000 signatures on this petition. Haley, 48, said China’s communist government should react to the US parliament by blaming it for China’s lies about the Corona epidemic. He said that people should join the fight to prevent China from making its impact in America and around the world. Sign the petition and share it with friends. The petition also calls for an end to America’s dependence on doctors and medicines.

    Pompeo again accuses China: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has again said that America is working together with other countries and convincing them that Corona has come from Wuhan. He said that it is the responsibility of China to explain where the virus came from. China knew about the virus from December 2019. As a result, the global economy has collapsed. Not only this, but he also accused the WHO of failing to follow international health regulations.

    China again rejects demand for global investigation: China has once again rejected the demand for an independent international investigation regarding the source of the CORONA virus. A top Chinese diplomat in Britain said such a demand was politically motivated. He said that this would divert China’s attention from fighting this epidemic.

    Trump backs out from disinfecting injection advice: In the midst of the crisis of COVID-19, President Trump has retracted his statement given one day before about injecting disinfect. Trump said that he was joking. He said that he had jokingly asked a question to journalists to see what happens. The US President had made a lot of fun about the advice of the treatment of Corona by Disinfect Injection. Explained that Trump also said that perhaps the body can be cleaned with a very powerful light.


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