UK PM Boris Johnson will begin to his work from Monday again


United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson will begin his work following his recovery from COVID-19. He is scheduled to return to work from Monday as Boris Johnson remained in the hospital for two weeks after being infected with the coronavirus.

 Boris Johnson was found to be Corona positive in March and had to be hospitalized after the condition deteriorated. But after recovering and discharged from hospital, Boris Johnson looked very confident and said that the COVID-19 crisis could not stop them from shaking hands.

 After recovering from coronavirus, he has issued a statement in which he has thanked the National Health Service (NHS) staff at St. Thomas Hospital.

 He also told his cabinet colleagues that he would begin his work at 10 Downing Street, after being treated for Corona underway at London’s St. Thomas Hospital.

Boris Johnson’s Government has been pressurized to explain that, how to get the UK out of the lockdown over the Corona Virus outbreak. A senior cabinet minister said that nothing had been decided on the date of the Prime Minister’s return for work. Country Health Minister Matt Hancock said, ‘I spoke to Johnson, he is happy now, and his health has definitely improved very well.


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