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    Why Should You Join the Military or Para-Military Forces

    If you don’t like physical exercise, if you want control over where you want to live or if you thrive on chaos and hate being organized then a career in the military is definitely not for you. But if you are someone who has always been on the fence about joining the armed forces or para-military forces then this article is a must-read for you. We will go-over the perks of working in the military and even point out a few often-overlooked benefits of working in the military or paramilitary forces.

    #1 Mass Recruitment
    A job in the military and para-military force doesn’t necessarily translate to a job in the frontline where you are risking your life for your country. There are several other technical and support roles on offer. Several recruitment processes such as the UPSC CDS (Combined Defense Services), UPSC NDA (National Defence Academy), UPSC CAPF (Central Armed Police Forces), AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test)  are conducted to onboard officers in large numbers for the armed forces (Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Indian Army). Separate recruitment processes are conducted throughout the year for onboarding candidates into paramilitary forces such as the BSF (Border Security Force) and CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force)

    The BSF has released an official notification to recruit junior engineers, sub-inspectors, head-constable, tradesmen etc. The last date to apply for the recruitment process is the 20th of October 2020. If you have already applied then you can download the BSF Admit Card from the official website (www.bsf.nic.in). According to BSF Tradesman Result over the last few years around 1000-1700 candidates are recruited each year. You can capitalize on this opportunity to join the Border Security Force.

    #2 Job Security and Financial Stability
    Jobs in this field are truly evergreen in every sense of the word. If you join the paramilitary or military forces then your career will be unaffected by external factors such as a recession or pandemic. You don’t have to fear losing your job due to development in technology or automation.

    Your future even after retirement is financially secure due to the sizable pension. Timely promotions are also another added advantage. As and when you climb up the ranks, your pension will also go up proportionally.

    #3 Pay and other perks

    The average pay is between INR 15,000 and INR 45,000. This might seem pretty normal but an officer in the para-military/military forces can also avail close to 60 other benefits which is unmatched even by a job in the private sector.

    #4 Stay in shape
    Unlike corporate jobs, where you will probably end up spoiling your health due to the largely sedentary lifestyle,  a job in the armed forces or paramilitary forces will require you to stay fit. You will also improve your mental strength during your stint.

    #5 Find a Sense of Purpose and Gain Social Status

    You would be serving your nation and even making your family proud (if your parents or close relatives were in the military). Usually, in a lot of families, it is more of a family tradition and a matter of prestige. The younger generation follows the footsteps of the elders to continue and honour the tradition. If you are in the military then not only will your friends and family will look up to you but the entire society will respect you. Anyone working in the military is considered to be in good standing.

    #6 Save Money

    Joining the military or paramilitary forces might not be the sure-shot way to get rich but it can definitely help you save some money. You can avail a lot of allowances, and buy essentials at subsidized rates from military canteens

    #7 Pick up a New Life Skill
    When we say you could pick up a few skills, we aren’t necessarily talking about you becoming an expert marksman or a warrior. All personnel in the military are required to undergo some level of training in first-aid, cryptography or self-defence based on their job profile. These skills will definitely come in handy outside of your work too. You may even get to learn a new language based on where you are stationed. You can educate yourself more on that specific skill and pursue it as a full-time career after you leave the military.

    You will also have a chance to pursue higher education. On successfully completing your higher education, you might also receive a promotion.

    By now you must have understood that a career in the military or paramilitary forces is definitely beneficial. What are you waiting for? Apply now and gear up for the exams and recruitment processes.


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