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    Work from Home: Avoid sitting on Bed for Long

    According to research, Working from the bed while sitting in a position may hurt your health very badly. You may have to face many problems, including back pain, if you do so. Due to the coronavirus, the whole country has been locked down, and people are working from home. They are spending several hours on their laptop on the bed. It is leading to back and neck pain in any person. But we usually ignore them due to work.

    • It may lead to neck and back pain.
    • Strain in muscles.
    • Pain in legs.
    • Ultimately it may cause slip disc

    According to a study, working while sitting on the bed may cause some health problems. During their work, many people get their back strained, which causes spinal issues. Joint and Replacement surgeon, Dr. Raghvendra KS, of Fortis hospital, said that they would not recommend working on a laptop or read a book on their bed. People lean or flex less during their work, which affects your spinal cord adversely.

    In the beginning, one may feel pain in their neck or back, strain in the back, and pain in their legs. But working in the same position for long may lead to Slip disc problem. There are many small-sized suspension discs which protect the spinal cord from shocks. Damage to these discs leads to the “Slip disc” problem. In some rare cases, you may damage your cut off your nerve impulses, and you may lose control over your bladder. Or you may lose sensation in your thigh back and your lower body.

    If it is necessary to work on the bed, then make sure that your spine is straight. It must not be curved in shape. Sit with a straight back. Place the laptop on some height so that your back is straight, and your head and laptop are in the nearly same level. It will relieve you from bending your neck. If said in a line, then you must sit in a position where your back, neck, and head are in the same straight line. Later try to keep your legs straight too. You may bend them little. Take a break, if possible, after some time and do some physical activities. And never forget to drink sufficient water, and you are pleasant to work.


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