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    YouTube Restricting Video Quality to 480p – Latest update

    COVID-19 or the Corona affected several locations on the earth. The internet and allied engineering businesses completely get time.

    The pandemic has managed to bring a big load on the Website. As a consequence, streaming services have decided to proactively reduce their performance and ensure that due to limited function power, the servers will not go down. In that context, YouTube has decided to limit the default resolution for its mobile videos at 480p.

    YouTube Restricting Video Quality

    This restriction also came into play on videos posted in resolutions as high as 4K and previously playable in 4k. Still, now only playable in 480p Such constraints seem to be rolled out regionally, with most reports centering in Mumbai and Delhi. However, other significant areas are also clear of these restrictions. Such leftovers in the coming hours and days can very well get the same limits. Regardless of your internet access and its consistency, the limitations remain in effect, and it doesn’t matter at the core internet point.

    Those requirements extend to non-premium and premium customers alike. Normal YouTube quality limits of up to 480p exist only in individual sections of India viz. Mumbai and Delhi.

    Meanwhile, computer videos on YouTube appear untouched, even beginning at a decently sharp 1080p by design on the same network.

    Summing up

    On such existing limits, YouTube is yet to express anything. A static threshold of 480p Standard Definition seems very difficult, and 720p should have become a lot more friendly. It is also feasible, as the human resources to run individual servers is far smaller. Although we recognize that the measure taken is likely to be in the general public’s interest and to relieve the network infrastructure’s avoidable burden, we believe that 480p is far too small to be deemed a realistic limit for pleasurable user experience. As youtube has not commented on this subject, everyone is assuming that the fault is on their side, which is not the case here.


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