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    Your Own Needs When Looking For A Professional Web Designer

    When looking for and choosing a professional web designer or web Development Company, your priority should always be what is most effective for your business in terms of results. Is your supplier just going to be a good designer, or is he going to be a professional who understands business? That is something that you will only be able to know when you get in touch with the person (if they are a freelance designer) or with the company. 

    Pay attention to the type of questions he asks you to be able to quote your site, and to his willingness to advise you and show you the different possibilities or the best options depending on what your business may need.

    Even when you think, a priori, that what you need is “only” a website to publicize your services, the added value of a professional web designer is, precisely, the expertise and know-how to advise you on a universe of possibilities that perhaps you do not know. On this point, we recommend you to hire visit and hire professionals from this website https://www.fivecube.co for your business strategies.

    How to analyze the quote of a web design proposal?

    It is worth making the distinction between the concepts of quotation and proposal. If you have been following me up to this point in reading the article, you will understand that what a professional web designer must present to you is a proposal, and that the quote for the website design is only the value in economic terms of that proposal.

    For example, a crucial aspect is that referred to the elaboration of the texts. Will the client deliver them, and will the web designer simply design without reviewing or touching anything the client delivers? Will the designer review and improve them based on marketing and search engine optimization? 

    And in that sense, what expertise does the designer or web design company offer for those aspects of the project? Will the designer develop all the texts on the basis of source materials provided by the client? Having these points clear and well defined is key to the success of the project and for the website to be what it should be.

    And in relation to the site design itself, will the designer present previous mockups? Will the client be able to see the work in progress and give their feedback and observations of it during the design process, or will they only be able to see it after the work is finished?

    Not least, what will and will not be included in terms of software, licenses, images, etc.? Whether the website will be developed in HTML (as is often said when it is developed with a design tool like Dreamweaver) or on the WordPress platform (among others), software packages are used that can be free or paid. The website design quote needs to specify these issues so there are no surprises later.

    Web designer promises that should make you wary

    I have already mentioned above, in advance, some issues that you should carefully weigh and evaluate. Especially (it doesn’t hurt to reiterate) the promises ensuring that your website will appear in the first positions in Google. Also the portfolios of websites designed, but that lack links that direct to those sites. And not least, the unbeatable prices (not to mention free and DIY web design tools and software).

    Additionally, a fallacy that I myself have fallen into in the past, until I realized the consequences of generating false expectations. I am referring to the promotion of “self-administered” (or self-managed) websites, generally developed on the popular WordPress platform.

    A self-managed website doesn’t turn any mortal into a professional web designer overnight. So, it is important to be clear about the scope (and limits) of the concept. To be clear, I invite you to read my article on what is a self-managed website, where I explain the distinctions.


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