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    3 Top Tricks to Choose the Perfect Leggings

    Are you planning on hitting the gym? Or do you intend to start running every day before work? Or maybe you just want to buy a new pair of tights because all your previous workout clothes are worn out! Irrespective of the scenario, buying the correct size and fit leggings are crucial since they won’t be an obstacle to your workout. With a comfortable fit and quality material, you can work out uninterrupted and efficiently. 

    So, what are the various factors you need to consider before choosing the perfect pair of leggings? Read on to know more!

    With the global leggings market projected to reach a market value of AUD 72.18 billion by the end of 2028, new trends and upgrades will keep showing up in the next few years. 

    Irrespective of that, here are the top tips you can leverage to buy the perfect pair of leggings for yourself. 

    • Consider Your Average Pants Size

    Leggings generally don’t fit you the same way pants do. But still, your pants size is a good scale to measure your ideal leggings size. Think about it this way; if you normally wear small pants, or maybe even extra small, you won’t need an extra-large pair of tights for a fact. 

    Therefore, by gauging the ballpark of your ideal leggings size, you can avoid confusion if you happen to be shopping for leggings for the first time. 

    The next step is to select the appropriate size, but understand that these sizes are geo-specific. Some companies use the standard international system split between small, medium, and large. Other companies might use the Australian standards, which are the same as UK standards. 

    To avoid all this confusion, you can simply use the international size conversion chart to grasp the sizes better. For a better fit, it is always best to measure yourself. 

    Here is how to measure yourself in steps for higher accuracy. 

    • Use a measuring tape and measure the outer circumference of your waist, starting from the belly button.
    • Then, go for the hips, where you need to wrap the measuring tape around their fullest part, around your bottoms, and just below your hip bone. Make sure that you are standing straight with your feet together while you measure.
    • Measure your inseam next by running the tape along the inside of your thigh, from your crotch to the ankle bone. 
    • Look for a 4-Way Stretch Fabric

    Breathable fabric happens to be the most essential and final part of your quest to select the perfect leggings. With leggings available in the two-way stretch and four-way stretch variants, it can be confusing for novices to pick out a pair for themselves. 

    Therefore, you need to understand that a two-way stretch can stretch in a single direction, whereas the four-way stretch facilitates crosswise and lengthwise stretching. Therefore, it is always wiser to buy the four-way stretch variant, owing to the fact that it offers a lot more breathability to your skin during intense workouts.

    • Choosing the Right Fabric

     To put it in simple words, the fabric of the leggings you choose depends on the activity you wish to perform while wearing them. 

    The right fabric ensures a good fit and great functionality and comfort as well. So, what are the various fabric options that you can choose from? They are as follows:

    • Polyester: The most basic of leggings, they offer Water resistance, sweat-wicking, and zero see-through.
    • Cotton: Comfortable choice for summers
    • Woollen: The perfect choice for Aussie winters since they have warm air-trapping pockets.
    • Spandex: They are stylish, trendy, body-hugging, and perfect for activewear.
    • Nylon: Essentially the best material for leggings, nylon offers great durability and visual appeal. 

    So, there you have it; everything you must know about choosing the appropriate tights for the proper setting.  

    Make sure you get all these basics right and cop a pair of the best leggings. And don’t forget! Have a great workout!

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