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    7 staff positive of NC Joshi Memorial Hospital, MS ordered to attend biometric

    7 employees at NC Joshi Memorial Hospital, Karol Bagh, Delhi Government, have become Corona positive. The hospital’s MS has ordered mandatory face detection biomedical attendance for the staff since Monday. The order was withdrawn when the Delhi government banned biometric attendants in all hospitals, corporations and government offices. The problem is how wearing a mask will prevent face detection biomedical attendance. In this case, the hospital staff has raised the issue of getting infected with the corona.

    Ordered this | The MS attributed the irresponsible attitude of the employees to the face detection bio metric attendances. It is written in the letter that many employees are not joining duty in the hospital. Which is a violation of the code of conduct of the institute. Therefore, face detection biometric attendance is being made mandatory for all employees from Monday. However, the letter also states that everyone has to follow the measures to prevent Kovid-19 infection.

    Corona Positi medical staff should not be discriminated against, letter written to nursing federation government

    The Federation of Delhi Government Nurses has written a letter to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. In the letter of the President of the Federation, Jagdish Kulhari, it has been said that on the arrival of the Medical Corona positive, it has been ordered by the government to quarantine the hotel. But it is being discriminated against. The doctor immediately finds the hotel. But the nursing staff and other staff do not get the hotel. In such a situation, everyone should get the same facilities without discrimination.

    Staff is not coming on duty on time. We have a face detection biometric machine here. However, we are not making it mandatory now. Will see it after the lockdown opens. The report of a class IV employee in the hospital has come back positive.
    – Dr. Rita Ranjan, MS, Dr. NC Joshi Hospital


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