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    94.6% of the Chinese kits and PPE were faulty says Indian officials

    The numbers are rising in India at a rapid rate. Even the testing is going on but we are for sure that it doesn’t seem to work very well because of China. China has once again proven themselves by sending faulty testing kits to India. First they sent the virus and to combat that virus they send faulty kits. Which are of no use. This was sure to expect as the saying says It is Chinese product so it won’t last, unless it is a virus.

    What was the problem in testing kits:

    Last week India bought lakhs of testing kits from China, surprise they turned out to be faulty. Only 5.6% of testing kits are able to give accurate results or in other words 94.4% of the testing kits are faulty. India should have seen this coming as counties over the world are complaining the same.

    It is now the faulty testing kits, but the masks and personal protection equipments were faulty. Which means having them or not is totally same.

    Earlier the PPE were faulty, but we can not blam that as those were part of a donation. But for the testing kits, India is paying for them. The country expected much better from those kits to be. We can even say that China is playing a major role against setting back everyone against this pandemic.

    India officials views:

    Yesterday, Indian health officials held their daily press conference, that Chinese testing kits are not working and there is a huge variation in test results. So we suggest States to stop using the Chinese kits for the moment.

    In particular, Dr R. Gangakhedkar who is the senior scientist in India medical research team said,” The results were not accurate”. Although after that he said that they  were only using those kits to check the trends.

    Questions to the Indian officials:

    As the whole world was complaining about these faulty kits, then why did India bought them from China. India got 6.5 lakh testing kits from China on 16th of April. India is now trying to get testing kits from Germany, South Korea, France and Israel besides China, said sources. Also, talks are being held with USA, UK, Malaysia, Canada and Japan for procuring test kits.

    Companies responsible for these faulty kits:

    As many as 300,000 rapid antibody testing kits from Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Co. and 2,50,000 from Zhuhai Livzon Diagnotics Inc, besides 100,000 RNA extraction kits from MGI Tech Co. from Shenzhen. These companies are accountable for the faulty testing kits.

    Rajashthan and Tamil goes public for their numbers:

    3 lakh of the total kits were sent to these states and the officials expected at least 90% of accurate results but what they got was more than 94% inaccuracy.

    Talk of WION with Vikram Misri:

    In an interview with Vikram Misri, he was asked the questions about India’s next move for the faulty kits, and how the government take this up.  He even says we are searching for bona fide companies. India placed and order of 7-8 million personal protection equipment kits from China with 1000 ventilators.

    Despite the limited sources of supply, we believe that using the kits from China is of no use. It won’t reduce the pain on pandemic, we only end up playing for useless stuff. It is time for India to re-evaluate the orders as the kits from China can not be trusted. As China is also exploiting the whole situation. Spain, Uk, Netherlands, many other countries have got the same results as India from the chinese kits. So we believe India should think before buying other equipments from China.


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