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    What are the benefits of eating food early at night?

    You will eat food at night and in this affair, you will eat more food also. You may talk with your family before dinner. Then, seeing the time running away, you will eat fast. This attitude has become almost the lifestyle of every household. Most people would argue that it is they had no choice. Doing so is harmful to health.

    Nutritionist Pooja Arora explains that there is no real clock in our body. But there is an internal rhythm of the body according to which all the actions of the body can run smoothly. This is called the circadian rhythm, and it has a significant effect on your sleep and food. Our rise and mealtime depend on sunrise and sunset. To spoil, it is to play with the body.

    When to have dinner?

    Dinner should be in the evening, not at night. The higher the distance of sleep from the last meal of the day, the health will be better. Dr. Neha Yadav says this that the difference between lunch and dinner should be 4 to 5 hours. Accordingly, you should eat dinner by 6:00 pm. Even if this is not possible, it is essential to keep in mind that the difference between food and sleep is 3 hours. It is also not good to lie down after dinner or sit and watch TV.

    Do not eat them at night

    Unknowingly, we often consume more sodium at night. There is a lot of sodium in things like papad, pickle, lentils, meat, chutney. Additionally, excess salt also increases sodium levels in the body. Excess sodium can increase blood pressure. Apart from this, water starts to accumulate inside the body due to excess sodium. This causes problems such as feeling weakness, poor effect on the kidneys. The accumulation of water within the body also leads to weight gain.

    What says Ayurveda?

    According to Ayurveda, it is essential to digest dinner. If the dinner is not digested, then it hurts the routine of eating the next day. Therefore Ayurveda recommends having dinner till 6:00 pm. The digestive power of the body increases after 3 hours from sunrise and decreases rapidly at night. One-fourth of the stomach needs to be kept empty at dinner. That means eat dinner less than what you are hungry for. There is also a need to pay attention to its type in dinner.

    Keep 1/4 of the solids in the dinner and the rest of the liquid. Doctor Anil Mangal tells that overeating food at one time causes Vata-Pitta and cough disease. Water should not be drunk after eating food. You can drink some water while eating. There is also a particular order of eating, which is easily digested by following the meal. The beginning should be done with sweet, then sour, and salty foods should be eaten. Spicy foods should be eaten at the end.

    This is how to reduce obesity: If you want to lose weight, then obviously you have tried all the prescriptions for this by now. One of the essential aspects of these tips is dinner. Many nutritionists and fitness experts have advised you to eat light food at night. This is a necessary step to lose weight. If you have dinner before 7:00 pm, if you have breakfast till 10:00 pm the next day, then you are on a fast. This is called intermittent fasting. By doing this fasting daily, the body goes into the process of ketosis, and gradually, the fat gathered in the body starts decreasing. When the body does not get energy from food, then it converts stored fat into energy.

    The heart stays healthy: People often eat more at night. Due to this, calories also increase in the body. Due to late eating, these calories are not burned and are converted into triglycerides. It increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. You can take essential steps in improving your heart health by having dinner early.

    Digestion is good: Eating food at the right time helps to improve metabolism. Its positive results will start appearing on your digestive system in a very short time. If dinner is taken quickly, then there are no problems of vata and bile. Due to this, problems like acidity, flatulence, sour belching are relieved.

    Get rid from these diseases: The difference in time between sleep and food can save you from serious diseases like cancer. One study suggests that this type of habit in men reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 26%. Eating dinner early reduces the risk of breast cancer in women by 16%. This routine also shows good effects in thyroid and diabetes.


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