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    Five things of health and happiness: Lifestyle

    Two things are most important for every person. Health and happiness Health for body and happiness for the soul in mind. Here are some such effective exercises that we can adopt to improve our health and happiness.

    The purity of food

    Our ancestors recommended offering food to God before meals. Prayer, utensil cleaning, food hygiene, and culinary purification are essential. Because the purity of food is also related to our mind, it is not possible to ensure the purity of the cooking process. Because we do not know what thoughts come to the mind of the person preparing the food?

    Therefore, we need to express our gratitude to the universe for getting food in the form of prayer so that whatever impurities are in the food, do not affect our mind. Because God is in the form of fire, the fire present in the digestive system helps in digesting food with those impurities. Therefore, even if there is an inaccuracy in the food, the person will not be affected.


    This is a powerful practice that trains your mind to relax by releasing negative or stressful thoughts. It not only clears your mind but also increases the feeling of calm. When you meditate, you also enhance your cognitive and creative thinking skills, which make you highly skilled in your behavior and actions. Thus, the temptation to indulge in other bad habits is significantly reduced. Thus meditation keeps us healthy and improves our performance in every aspect of our daily life.

    Overcome fear

    Fear is a negative emotion that prevents us from living our life in happiness and peace. However, it is impossible to live life without experiencing doubt. But overcoming fear is an important step that will take our life in the right direction.

    The significant step to free our life from fear is to adopt every situation as a learning process and transfer all thoughts and doubts about our future to the powers of the universe. Have faith that the powers of the universe will take care of you, and they will inspire you in the same direction, which will be the right direction for you.

    Forgive everyone

    When we catch any hurt and hatred in mind, we get emotionally bored. Mentally disturbed. We are physically weak, and our work and relationships are affected. ‘Forgiveness’ is strong medicine for this. There is nothing more effective than forgiveness for healing deep wounds when the past starts hurting you. Always remind yourself that you need to forgive everyone, including yourself. Thinking about the person you want to forgive, repeat the words “I forgive you” with strong intentions.

    Be Thankful

    Gratitude is a powerful practice that brings tremendous changes in our lives. A positive and grateful attitude opens up opportunities for personal and professional development. Regular practice of gratitude enhances one’s psychological health by reducing toxic feelings, thereby increasing our happiness levels. Appreciating the things around us and adopting the attitude of counting the positive things in our life makes us stronger, smarter, and healthier.


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