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    About 11 lakh forced registrations, return of 1.25 lakh laborers from Punjab, 500 foot migration from Bathinda

    • Jitlal Pahalwan, 84-year-old Congress leader from Bathinda, said – The scene of the partition of 1947 is once again visible, seeing the eyes are moist

    Bathinda: Employment has been lost. The stomachs of hunger have sunk in. The government’s efforts are proving insufficient. Around 11 lakh people have registered homecoming in the state. The government is claiming to have close to 1.25 lakh people for their states. If we look at the figures, in Bathinda district alone, laborers of small and large industries, laborers of a railway contractor, laborers of AIIMS Hospital and Raman Refinery including masonry-stone rubbing laborers, hotel-dhabas, labor of canteen and rickshaw-street drivers will be almost 12000 migrant laborers are useless.

    Despite calling the administration, the angry migrants came out of the house on foot by placing bags on their heads in heavy heat. Labor’s own return will adversely affect industries, making operations difficult.

    Wake up sir … this child is not sleeping on ‘half bed’ …

    In this ‘half bed’ bag, the child is not sleeping but the government system is sleeping. Wake up, sir… Rajkumar, a resident of Pratapgarh, UP used to work in Chandigarh. When the work stopped, one rupee was sold. Registered to take the wife and three children to the village by train. The number also fell in the 2 am train on Thursday. The crowds are more, so they reached with their loved ones before 4 am for screening in Sector-43. Here, he had to sit on the ground and wait for several hours. But children are children, one does not sleep at night, penance for many hours. So the prince’s son made the bag itself a ‘bed’. Slept a while in ‘compulsion to sleep’ to erase his tiredness. They reached the station at 1 pm after the screening. His train reached Bareilly at 11 pm. Meaning that in Chandigarh, the time it took to sit in the train, the train reached Bareilly in the same time.
    Powerlessness: It rains intermittently throughout the day, two and a half thousand people queuing for train tickets for hours

    Meinh * no Meher Barsa Paramatma (* rain)

    Workers battling for livelihood in Jalandhar are queuing all day long for a train ticket. Hundreds of workers stood in queue outside the bat-bat farm here in the rain on Thursday. During this, no one’s number came and no one’s. Those who remained were encamped there, perhaps to get tickets only tomorrow.

    Wet eyes … Aanchal drenched … Wet drenched

    The season of thousands of workers struggling to return to the village is also being tested. On Thursday, despite the heavy rain, the laborers raised in the lap did not move from the labor lines, because they were afraid that if they moved around after standing for hours, someone else would replace them. The two-month-long lockdown has broken the courage of hard-working workers.

    Have to see the pain … Look our eyes
    These innocent children … force them … there is a question in everyone’s eyes
    The government is not ashamed to see the eyes of these innocent people.
    In Jalandhar, the laborers were so tired of waiting for the tickets and registration of trains that they made the trolley the bed. They are tired but not broken, they will reach their destination. They have arrived on foot from many areas of Doaba-Majha.



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