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    All the borders of Delhi will open from tomorrow, only Delhiites will be treated in the capital hospitals.

    Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has given a big relief to people living in Delhi-NCR on Sunday. The Kejriwal government has decided to reopen all Delhi-bound borders from Monday. The boundaries connected with Uttar Pradesh and Haryana will be opened for the movement of people.

    Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal said in a press conference that by the end of June, there may be a requirement of 15,000 beds in Delhi. At the same time, only people of Delhi will be able to be treated in Delhi hospitals, while people from all over the country will be able to be admitted to central government hospitals. At the same time, all the restaurants, malls and religious places of the capital will be opened from Monday. However, the government has not allowed the hotel and banquet hall to be opened.

    Kejriwal said, ‘We had asked the people of Delhi whether Delhi’s hospitals should be open to all the states? 90 percent of the people say that as long as there is corona, Delhi hospitals should be reserved for the people of Delhi only.

    He said, ‘As a precaution, elderly people should at least interact with their family members and others. The elderly and children try to stay in one room of their house.

    At the same time, a five-member committee formed by the Delhi government has predicted that by the end of June, the number of corona patients in Delhi can reach at least one lakh. Based on this estimate, the committee asked the government to arrange an additional 15,000 beds to meet the needs of patients in the capital. Committee Chairman Dr. Mahesh Verma said that we have studied the trends of other cities like Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Chennai. According to our calculations, by the end of June, the Corona infect population in the capital Delhi may cross one lakh.

    How many corona patients in the capital?

    The capital, Delhi is also one of the most affected by the coronavirus. On Saturday, 1,320 new cases of corona infection were reported in Delhi, taking the total number of corona patients to 27,654. To date, the death toll due to the virus in the capital is 761.

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