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    All you need to know about Umbrella Academy Season 2

    have to admit the idea of a school uniform the Number 5 lurking on a grassy knoll with a rifle is morbidly endearing or would he be in the box depository? The Umbrella Academy seeming came from nowhere in early 2019 offering up a variety of genres, characters, and superpowers. And guess what, Umbrella Academy Season 2 is on its way, and what we can expect from an emotional x-men type siblings. Well, let’s not forget that the show is based on a graphic novel series written by Gerard Way, the same guy who bought us the marching black parade jacket. So, expect the weird, wacky, wonderful, and worrisome. In this post, we will be throwing light on what you can expect from Netflix’s Umbrella Academy Season 2.

    We are going to be pulling apart storylines from season one and delving into the comics here, so here’s going to be a spoiler alert.

    Since you’re reading this, we are going to assume that you are already up to the speed on where things we left off in season 1 and before we go further we just wanted to make it clear that although we’re looking ahead to Umbrella Academy Season 2, the written comics are actually up to volume three.

    Vanya’s Anger

    Although trying to prevent the apocalypse from happening in season 1, the gang ultimately angers Vanya who with her insane hidden powers destroys the moon and the earth. As a result, the plan is engulfed with Number 5 who thinks on his feet and zips them back in time to safety.

    And, The lovebirds Hazel and Agnes also escaped. But, where and when did they go? If they want to prevent the impending apocalypse, the gang will have to manipulate the past in order to stop it from happening. In other words, they could always go back and just leave Vanya alone. I guess that might work in their favor or they could go back to their youth and try to stop Allision aka the rumor from messing with Vanya’s memory.

    Number 5 does say that the apocalypse will always happen and Vanya will always be the cause unless they do something about fixing her. So, piecing back together a childhood filled with resentment seems like a really good place to start in Umbrella Academy Season 2

    Number 5 and The JFK Story

    Umbrella Academy Season 2 will explore the second volume of the comics entitled ‘The Umbrella Academy Dallas’ We got the snippets of this storyline in season 1 but essentially it revolves around Number 5 being given the task to assassinating JFK (former US President John F Kennedy) by the temps commission. Of course, you know being Number 5, he rebels and the whole things get really complicated. In the comics, the other characters are heavily involved in the storyline with Allison even taking the place of Jackie Kennedy during JFK’s assassination. It sounds really like a crazy!

    The Monocle

    So we talked about the members of the academy, but what about its founder – Sir Reginald Hargreaves aka the Monocle. The wealthy entrepreneurial alien. Oh Yes! He’s an alien. Something that is mentioned super-early on in the comics and then not mentioned ever again. It would definitely explain why he lacks any interpersonal skills, so that’s a potential tangent that Umbrella Academy Season 2 could shoot off on.

    In the comics, the monocles have the ability to see everything about a person, be it their past, present or potential powers. So it’s a pretty powerful thing! In fact, we think it’s why Hargreaves was so quick to dismiss the young Harold Jenkins in season 1 who said he was born the same day as the kids in the academy and therefore must have powers. Hargreaves must have used its monocles to see that Jenkins was just a normal kid.

    The gang spends a bit of time in season one looking for the monocle, but its true potential isn’t really explained. All we know that Sir Reginald was never seen without it, but it seems a bit random that they would write it into season 1 for this reason alone. So maybe we will see spotting it in Umbrella Academy Season 2

    Like Comics Like Netflix!

     It’s no secret that movie makers can deviate from the source material when it comes to storytelling. Sometimes, it’s due to the artistic license and other times it’s from a lack of a properly fleshed out story. I am sorry but we’ve to mention the Game of Thrones, a series which became its own entity away from the books much to the dismay of fans, and then the rest is history.

    It looks like Umbrella Academy’s brainchild Gerrard Way has a clear vision laid out for both the comics and the TV series. When setting out to make this series, way gave the show makers an outline of the entire plot of what is eventually going to be the eight volumes and keep in mind, he’s already ahead of the TV series with volume three of the comics already in the back. We are hoping and speculating that with his visions and clear outlining of an overarching story, what we would get on our TV screens will be an accurate or at least a very close representation of the comics. So there’s a high possibility that post-Umbrella Academy Season 2, we might witness at least six more seasons of this franchise.

    Umbrella Academy Season 2 releases date set for July 31, 2020 on Netflix in India, and elsewhere.



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