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    Alternative ways to Spend Christmas

    Though we are typically creatures of habit when it comes to the festive period, Christmas 2020 is set to be a bit different for everybody, whether we like it or not. With only limited groups allowed to get together for a rather short window, perhaps this year is the year to break tradition and go with something a little different to spice up the celebrations.

    Below you’ll find four twists on the traditional family Christmas, each with a certain sense of adventure that will make Christmas 2020 memorable for all the right reasons. Could one of these ideas suit your family celebrations this year?

    Celebrate with a different culture

    Sat in our British bubble of stockings and presents in the morning, big turkey dinners and dozing off while the Coronation Street Christmas special is on, it’s easy to forget that not everyone celebrates Christmas the same way most of us do. With that in mind, why not bring a different culture’s interpretation of the festive season to the big day this year?

    You could even turn it into a fun idea for the whole family – get everyone to choose their favourite culturally alternative Christmas and introduce some traditional dress and cooking from those cultures. Christmas takes on many different forms throughout the world, so it’s a great way to teach your loved ones about how our friends around the globe enjoy the period.

    Offer a better Christmas to someone else

    The coronavirus period has been hard on all of us but, with many having to look after their finances carefully and stay motivated during a difficult time, it’s affected some more than others. With plenty of time to think about the bigger picture over the past nine or so months, many people have found themselves turning to charitable work to give back to those less fortunate than themselves during lockdown.

    Christmas is all about giving, both to our loved ones and those in need, which is why turning this year’s holiday into a philanthropic effort is a great way of switching things up. In helping someone else have a better Christmas, you might just find it to be the most fulfilling yuletide period you’ve ever had.  Donate, or get actively involved with a charity this year to make sure you’re on Santa’s good list for years to come.

    Take a holiday

    Considering we’ve spent a good three quarters of the year stuffed inside our homes longing for the freedom to get back out enjoying life as normal, a holiday this Christmas might just be the perfect antidote to a sombre few months. Not to mention a fantastic way to bring in a hopefully much brighter 2021 with a bang.

    Whether it’s a paradise getaway abroad to celebrate in the sun or a more traditional adventure in the UK, a trip away might just be the break in the cycle that the whole family very much deserve. Just make sure to check the travel restrictions before you book.

    Try a spiritual retreat

    Feel like getting zen and finding your inner peace this Christmas? Why not trade in the normal loud and lively party atmosphere of Christmas time for a more relaxing alternative in the form of a spiritual retreat?

    Your spiritual adventure could take you halfway around the world to a Buddhist temple, or stay closer to home with a visit to the stone circle of Stonehenge, which is open to visitors on Christmas Day. It’ll certainly give you a different take on the festive period, and a chance to reflect on what has been a challenging year.

    While you might be hesitant to change things up with our most beloved holiday, there’s never been a better time to try something new for Christmas and produce a memorable end to this strange year. You never know, you might end up liking it so much that it becomes your new family Christmas tradition – but you’ll never find out if you don’t give it a go!


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