America’s big step, now Chinese Communist Party officials will not get visa


Washington, agencies: On the issue of Hong Kong, the US has come out openly against China. The US has decided not to grant visas to officials of the ruling Communist Party of China (CCP). Visa restrictions may also cover their family members. This action has been taken against Hong Kong’s violation of autonomy, fundamental independence and human rights.

China isn’t keeping its promise

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said during the press conference that he is announcing the order of President Donald Trump. He said, “I am announcing a visa ban on the current and former officials of the CCP, which is responsible for decreasing the larger autonomy of Hong Kong, which was guaranteed in the Sino-UK joint manifesto in 1984.”

Dragon reducing Hong Kong’s Autonomy

The US Secretary of State said that China had promised to respect Hong Kong’s wider autonomy in a joint declaration with Britain, but is steadily reducing it by its actions. China is also violating human rights and fundamental freedoms in Hong Kong by pressurizing the local administration to arrest supporters of democracy and disqualifying pro-democracy candidates.

China broke many international promises

Pompeo alleged that China continues its opaque nuclear program. The CCP has broken many international promises, including the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the United Nations and the commitments shown to the people of Hong Kong.

Pompeo said, ‘My message today is that we have to work together to continue the awareness on both sides of the Atlantic against China’s challenge. It will not be easy.’ Pompeo said, ‘Our business community that makes money from China says that we should reduce stress and accept the increasingly aggressive CCP. We can never accept this argument. There can never be a compromise between freedom and totalitarianism.

China is doing provocative action with India

Earlier during his virtual address at the Brussels Forum -2020, Pompeo has stated that China is posing a threat in the South China Sea as well as increasing tension on the border with India. To deal with this threat, his country is reducing its forces from Europe and deploying it elsewhere.


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