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    Aspects You Should Consider Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

    Developing a digital marketing strategy and executing it successfully is a task that requires time and experience. If you have come to the conclusion that you should delegate this part of the business to focus on other areas of your business or you are directly starting a project and want to dedicate part of the capital to hiring a digital marketing agency, in this article we will expose the aspects that you should consider to choose the best digital marketing agency.

    Keep in mind that deciding which marketing agency to work with is like choosing a partner, so you have to do your due diligence to choose the best company. The marketing agency will have a lot of influence on how your company or project develops. For this reason, we recommend that you ask the agency these key questions before hiring any of their services.

    1. What is your background?

    The first thing is to know the trajectory of the agency and the years they have been practicing. This can give you an overview of the quality of work done and the company is likely to be stable and continue for many years to come. It is important because if your project is successful, you want to have a partner that you can trust in the long term and that is not going to leave you stranded at any given moment.

    Likewise, you should ask about projects similar to yours and how they have been developed, as it will provide you with valuable information about how effective their strategies could be applied to your project.

    2. Do you have success stories?

    To hire a digital marketing agency you must know projects that have been carried out successfully, and if possible, that are similar to yours. Depending on the answer that each agency gives you or what you have discovered about them, you will be able to get an idea of ​​whether it is the right one and can do what you need for your digital marketing strategy.

    It is worth seeing if they work with well-known companies, since it gives more confidence to know that other companies larger than yours have trusted the agency. Likewise, you can check with other companies and ask for references of the services they provide. It is always good to know information from third parties. To do this, you can go to social networks, online reviews or other means.

    3. What kind of reports do you offer?

    Contrary to what happens with traditional marketing campaigns, in which it is often difficult to measure results, digital marketing allows you to measure and analyze everything in a more specific and reliable way. Therefore, you have to see if they are going to offer you reports, statistics, status and progress analysis of the project so that you can access them, at least once a month.

    If they do not offer you the possibility of accessing these reports in a timely manner, it will make you think that the plans are not going as expected and that they are not communicated transparently.

    4. What branch of digital marketing does the agency specialize in?

    There are some marketing agencies that tend towards total specialization and are only dedicated to a specific service, but they do it very well; others that specialize in a specific area, but also offer complementary services in order to satisfy more clients; and others that offer all kinds of services related to digital marketing.

    An agency that is highly specialized in something may know a lot about that subject, but you run the risk that they fall short of what you need and you have to go to more companies. On the other hand, there are agencies that do everything, but you would have to see if they have specialized personnel or if they try to cover too many things with few people. It is very common to find, for example, agencies that offer SEO or Ads campaigns, but have only 1 person for it.

    A good approach is to find a medium-sized agency (between 20 and 50 people), that can offer you personalized treatment (far from the more “automated” treatment that large companies usually offer), that has specialization in different areas of digital marketing, but also enough specialized personnel to cover those areas have enough staff to cover them, and they only do what they do very well. An example of this type of agency would be itshark.ca.

    5. Do you have a data protection policy?

    If you are interested in carrying out a campaign that involves email marketing or retargeting, data protection is a key point. For this reason, this is one of the questions that should not be missing when hiring a marketing agency, because that way you will know their sensitive information management policy.

    6. Do you have specialists in copywriting and design?

    Ideally, the company you hire has a complete team of professionals. Apart from specialists in SEO or SEM, you should also have experts in content marketing, graphic design, web and audiovisual production. All this is necessary to be able to enhance your online presence.

    7. What are your values?

    Professional qualities are important, but personal qualities should be valued even more. Remember that you are going to spend time with them and it is better to work with agencies whose values ​​are aligned with the way you work.

    8. Do you have any kind of certification?

    We know that many of the marketing professionals have been self-taught, but at this level it is always good that the people who are going to offer you a service have some certification. Minimum asks that they have certification from Google Partners.

    9. How is the project time management?

    Before starting a business relationship, it is important that you know the deadlines set by the agency for each project objective, although they should not be strict, they should be consistent with your needs. In addition, this way you will know if the times they take adapt to yours.

    The step of hiring a digital marketing agency is important, and that is why you must be clear that you are choosing the best option to achieve your goals and that your company can grow. With these 9 questions, you will be able to obtain valuable information that will help you decide.


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