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    The Different Types Of Pocket Knives

    If you are looking for the best pocket knife, you must find the knife that can offer the best performance. This means that the knife must be useful for various functions and sports such as hunting, hiking, camping, weighing and more as well as being compact and lightweight so that you can carry it in your backpack or pocket with you anywhere.

    There are 3 main types of pocket knives, but single blade models and multifunction models such as shieldon knife is the most popular.

    Single Blade Pocket Knife

    The single blade pocket knife comes in various forms. Its main advantage lies in its ease of use and quality of design. Thanks to its opening and locking system, it has all the necessary aptitude to face a multitude of situations. 

    Some models are equipped with a spring-loaded opening mechanism (speed opening). However, it should be noted that this type of blade lacks versatility. In fact, although it is robust, you will not be able to use it to saw wood or cut it.

    Multifunction Knife

    Ultra-compact in size, the multifunction knife or Swiss Army knife offers you a multitude of functions. Thanks to its various built-in tools, it is able to help you with various tasks such as opening a can or a bottle of wine, unscrewing, sawing wood.

    It adapts to all situations and accompanies you everywhere thanks to its ease of storage. The vast majority of models come with a few blades, saw, files, toothpick, etc. Initially designed for the military, it is now a must-have for any hiker, camper, handyman…

    Multi-Blade Pocket Knife

    With a multi-blade pocket knife, one tool is enough to do the job of 2 to 4 knives. The articulated blades are integrated into a single handle. Each can be used completely independently so you don’t have to change knives frequently. On the other hand, it is less sturdy and less durable than the single blade knife.

    How to choose Properly sharpen the blade of your pocket knife

    There are several ways to sharpen a pocket knife blade, but the most common is to use a whetstone. It exists in different models and your choice depends on the dimensions of your knife. After choosing the best sharpening angle, you will have a clear idea of ​​the cutting capacity of your blade. Note that the larger it is, the lower the performance of the tool.

    With an oil stone, you must lubricate it before each use. Be sure to angle the knife so that it is sharp on the side with the coarsest grains. Then slide the blade in the direction of its cutting edge. Press lightly on the structure avoiding the appearance of burrs. In the case of a double-edged blade, carry out the same operation for the other side. All finishing work should be done on the other side of the oil stone.

    You can buy pocket knives at shieldon store and hunting stores, but cheaper knives with a greater variety of models may be on Amazon, plus they have exclusive benefits for prime customers such as free shipping in one day.


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