BJP accuses Delhi government of scamming 72,000 quintal pulses


The Delhi BJP has accused the Kejriwal government of the dal scam. State BJP President Manoj Tiwari has accused Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of not distributing 725,000 kg of pulses from the Center to the poor. Accusing CM Kejriwal, Tiwari said that the Modi government is giving wheat, rice and pulses for free to all those who have ration cards or who do not have ration cards in this lockdown.

But it is sad that pulses are not being available in Delhi and there is an exodus of laborers. They have only one line of how to eat while escaping. Tiwari said that the Delhi government has picked up 7 thousand 250 metric tonnes of pulses 5 days before May 17, but pulses are not divided.


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