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    CM can give Green signal to shops in Public transport and market with Social distancing

    • Kejriwal will announce the waiver of lockdown 4.0 today
    • Detailed plan prepared based on the instructions of the Center
    • Time for relaxation of lockdown restrictions to some extent: Chief Minister

    The way has been cleared for opening of open vehicle with showcase shops and social removing alongside Aud-Even in the capital. Simultaneously, work can likewise start on the building site. Be that as it may, Delhi Metro won’t run till 31 May. On Monday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will report a waiver of lockdown 4.0. Clarify that the Central Government has given requests to broaden the lockdown 4.0 from May 18 to May 31 in the whole nation. In this, the Center has given the states the option to choose red, orange and green zones as indicated by the crown case. Arvind Kejriwal has just requested from the Center to offer exclusion to open the market by considering the remainder of Delhi as green with the exception of the Containment Zone.

    On the guidelines of the Center, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Twitter that the directions of the Center are as per the proposal sent to the Center, mostly on the suggestion of the people of Delhi. Now is the time to relax the lockdown restrictions somewhat. Kejriwal said that the Delhi government will prepare a detailed plan for Delhi based on the guidelines of the Center and will announce them on Monday. Explain that Delhi government had sent a proposal to the government on Friday on the suggestion received from 5.25 lakh people. The government can also allow e-commerce companies.

    • Market: There is no mention of the market in the Central Government Guidelines. In such a situation, the government can open shops according to a third market or odd-even. Where strict provisions can be made to follow infection prevention measures including social distancing.
    • Transport: The center’s guideline does not even mention public transport within the state except the metro. The Delhi government has asked to start with public transport terms. It consists of deploying 20 passengers and two marshals to the bus, which will ensure social distancing inside. The Delhi government has also agreed to allow auto and cabs with conditions. Buses are allowed to run between the two states, but the consent of the states will be mandatory.
    • Construction Work: The Center last permitted in situ work in the guidelines. This time nothing has been written about construction work. In such a situation, the government can also issue permission to work on the construction site of the laborer from elsewhere.

    Here, personnel working in emergency will have to wear PPE kit

    Health workers who treat critically ill patients coming to the emergency of hospitals must wear PPE kits. Apart from this, ambulance employees will also have to wear this kit. An order in this regard has been issued by the Delhi government. These orders have been issued after coming after the guidelines of the Central Government. According to the guidelines, the wards and facilities under different departments of the hospital like outpatient department, inpatient department, emergency department, other ancillary departments and ambulance service are in the category of low risk, mild risk, moderate risk and high risk. Is divided.

    Hospital helpdesks, registration counters, doctors’ rooms, carcass packing wards, sanitation, other supportive services such as kitchens, dispensing, engineering, etc. are categorized as low risk and mild risk. Healthcare workers working in this category will have to wear three layer masks, latex examination gloves and maintain social distancing. Dentists, ENT doctors, eye doctors, and anesthetists who fall under the category of outpatient department are categorized as Moderate Risk and are instructed to wear N-95 masks, glasses, latex gloves and face shield. .


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