Coronavirus Deaths in Delhi Kapil Mishra Take a Dig on CM Arvind Kejriwal

'झूठ सामने आया तो..', कोरोना से मौत के आंकड़ों पर कपिल मिश्रा ने केजरीवाल पर साधा निशाना

New Delhi: BJP leader Kapil Mishra has surrounded the Kejriwal government (Delhi Government) over the death toll in Delhi due to Coronavirus. Kapil Mishra has accused CM Arvind Kejriwal of hiding death figures from Covid-19 in a tweet.

Sharing a graph, Kapil Mishra wrote in a tweet- ‘Government graph of Corona deaths in Delhi. The Kejriwal government had stopped telling the truth of the Corona deaths. If we reveal the lie then the graph suddenly goes up. 75% of the deaths are still hidden.

Earlier too, Kapil Mishra accused CM Kejriwal of changing the definition of corona death. He had released a video saying, ‘If someone is a patient of the heart, then it may happen that due to corona, he cannot breathe and his heart gets dilated, similarly diabetes patient can also die from corona. First of all, corona attacks on elderly, heart patients and diabetic people. All these types of deaths have been excluded by the Delhi government from the definition of corona death.

Kapil Mishra had further said, “If the foreign governments also exclude such death figures, then the death toll of Kovid-19 in their country will be reduced. However, foreign governments have not done so. Only Delhi government is doing this.

The number of coronavirus in India is increasing steadily in India. Total cases of Kovid-19 infected in the country have reached 90,927 and the death toll has reached 2,872. The total corona cases across Delhi have reached 9,333 and this has led to 129 deaths.


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