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    Coronavirus: Shocking came out, wearing masks for long time can be dangerous

    The mask against Coronavirus is a weapon that if you have it, then the risk of infection is greatly reduced. Hence, face masks have now been made mandatory in India. If you go out of the house, it is important that you leave the house only after applying face mask. But now a new thing is coming about the face mask.

    Such posts are constantly being shared on social media that the lack of oxygen in the body due to wearing masks continuously for a long time and the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood increases. But can excessive use of masks really cause a lack of oxygen in the body? Or such posts are seen on social media just to scare people.

    On this, the National Institute of Health says that in many cases the use of masks for a long time can be dangerous. According to the Health Institute, breathing at a high level of carbon dioxide can be fatal. Due to the hypercapnia present in carbon dioxide, there may be problems such as headache, dizziness, difficulty in seeing, difficulty in focusing, voice in the ears and seizures.

    Why are there problems

    Usually the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 0.04 per cent, but if the same amount is 10 per cent or more, then it can be fatal. When you wear a mask, the process of breathing and exhaling goes on. During this time, due to the mask, the flow of oxygen is reduced and the amount of carbon dioxide increases. Because the breath you release stays in the mask for a while.

    In such a situation, you are taking the left breath i.e. carbon dioxide with oxygen. CO2 controls the pH of the blood. Blood becomes very acidic due to excess CO2. As the blood becomes acidic, the body demands oxygen and in case of non-availability, problems like seizures begin.

    How to use mask

    The N95 mask is essential for health care workers, but if you are using it, do not wear it for long. Remove the N95 mask while running or walking fast. Do not leave the house without a mask but do not wear tight masks. By the way, home made masks are better because they do not have trouble breathing. Use cotton cloth to make masks at home. If you are having trouble breathing after wearing the mask, then remove the mask and rest in a safe place. Be sure to consult a doctor.


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