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    Health Ministry issued guidelines for offices and workplaces, these things will have to be taken care of

    In country Lockdown 4.0 has come into force with the new rules. While many activities are still banned, some activities have been started. However, relaxation of lockdown is given with some conditions. On the other hand, for the offices and work places that are open, the Ministry of Health has issued some important guidelines-

    It is necessary to maintain distance between employees in the office. And a distance of 1 meter is necessary for many things including seating arrangement.

    – Cover the mouth with a mask or cloth.

    – Clean hands in short intervals with soap or hand sanitizer.

    It is mandatory to inform the local administration about this in case of illness.

    – Cover the mouth while sneezing or coughing.

    -Be careful while going to office. Avoid touching things in public places.

    -If someone has a corona infection in an office, it is necessary to disinfect where the infected person went in the last 48 hours. Work can be started after disinfecting. No need to seal entire part of office or building.

    – In case of multiple cases of corona in an office or building, the entire office will be sealed for 48 hours. Till that office is disinfected and declared safe, everyone will have to work from home.


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