Faridabad: 14-year-old teenager drowned on Yamuna river, divers carried out body on second day

फायर बिग्रेड के गोताखोरों ने मृतक किशोर के शव को निकाला।

A teenager who took a bath in the Yamuna river died due to drowning. On Tuesday morning, the fire brigade divers searched the dead young man’s body after much effort. The body has been sent to the civil hospital for postmortem.

According to the information received, 14-year-old son of Krishna, resident of village Chhayasa, Prem went to the Yamuna river for a bath on Monday evening, where he went into deep water while taking a bath and started drowning on sight. When some people passing by saw the young man drowning, he informed his family and the police.

The police team informed the fire brigade but by the time the divers of the fire brigade reached there, the young man had drowned. Late night the divers of the firebigade started searching for the body of the young man and in the morning they found the body of the young man.


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