COVID-19 latest updates: 13 New cases registered in Dharavi, Maharashtra


Coronavirus pandemic is badly affecting the health, as well as economy. Maharashtra is the biggest hotspot of coronavirus in India. Around 13 new patients are confirmed as corona positive in Dharavi. With the addition of these new cases, there are 8,590 confirmed in Maharashtra. 6939 patients are still active and being treated in designated hospitals. 1282 patients recovered successfully from the pandemic and 369 patients lost their lives.

In Maharashtra, Mumbai is the biggest hotspot of COVID-19, as there are around 5407 confirmed cases in Mumbai. Lockdown may be extended after 3 May.

In India there are a total of 29,458 confirmed cases out of which 21,382 cases are active currently. 7137 recovered cases and around 940 deaths are registered so far in India


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