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    COVID-19 News – Cases toll mounts to 1,010,507 with 56,803 deaths in USA

    The United States of America, which is considered as a superpower to the world is not remaining the superpower, the country which was forefront in anything is standing at the end today as America going through or on the ledge of the death.

    The President of the United States of America “Donald Trump” still want to unlock the country in this current event of COVID-19 only for improving their economic growth.

    According to today’s data on the death rates of COVID-19, America is on the top as COVID-19 infected 3,064,147 people till now in the world, and America has 1,010,356, it is because of the Negligence.

    And take a look at the death rates, then it is 20,11,533 worldwide, and America has around 25% of it which is 56,797 and still increasing day by day, America doesn’t have the good rate of population in their country according to the coverage area which is around 33 crores if it is going the same as today, then America will not remain the superpower to this world.

    In 2014 to 2016 when eloba virus was spread in West Africa then they had only one source where they can get the help from which is America, and they do the same, the US helped them related to the health and equipment to prevent the situation, but America is not capable of helping other countries today, because America itself is going through the problem of this pandemic.

    Previous data shows that China was the first country where COVID-19 arrived from, but they handled the situation still the country is unlocked, but because of negligence America not looking like the superpower remained now.

    India is the nearly situated beside china and has the population tripled than America, despite far away from the china still COVID-19 spreading its root fastly in the United States of America as the citizens don’t want to stay at home and Donald trumps don’t go strict about it, and still he wants to unlock the country if this will is going the same then America will not remain the essential country.


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