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COVID-19 cases are still mounting in every single hour, with the addition of 1,153+ cases, a total of 3,065,200 COVID-19 cases are confirmed globally. Around 211,534, fatalities registered globally so far, and about 922,387 patients recovered and discharged for home successfully.

Health experts say that lockdown helps in reducing the crisis to some extent, but still, the infection is rising exclusively. Approximately 1,930,258 patients are infected and facing this epidemic, out of which 1,873,958 (97%) cases are in normal condition, and 56,300 (3%) patients are in a critical situation.

Around 1,133,984 cases reached to some result, out of which 922,387 (81%) patients are recovered and discharged from intensive care, and other 211,534 (19%) of patients have passed away.

The United States of America is the most troubled nation in this epidemic, and the registered cases cross over 1,010,000, and now there are around 1,010,356 confirmed cases. Till now, about 56,797 patients have died so far, and approximately 138,990 of cases recovered successfully in USA.

Cases that are fully closed are 195,787, out of which, 138,990 (71%) patients of which are discharged and around 56,797 (29%) patients have passed away after facing severe condition.

After USA, the most number of cases are in the Spain. There are a total of 229,422 confirmed cases, out of which 23,521 patients died and around 120,832 patients recovered. Currently, there are 85,069 active cases in Spain.

 Some precautions are listed below to preventing from this crisis:

  • Wash your hands at regular interval
  • Use of mask when you stepped out
  • Clean your hands with sanitizer or soap regularly
  • Don’t step out, if not essential
  • Keep a distance of 2 meters when stepped out


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