The stats of COVID-19, getting toll these days fastly in India and the whole world, therefore Government of India is stepping ahead for preventing this Pandemic as soon as possible.

As today Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the third meeting via videoconferencing on the chapter of lockdown extension in India.

States with the increasing number of COVID-19 cases are likely to see a strict lockdown post on 3 May. But it has been said that many COVID-free districts want some restrictions relaxed.

In a meeting with all the CMs, the Prime Minister said that the economy of many states is still in good condition, so there is no need to create chaos in the lives of ordinary people.

The Prime Minister announced in his statement, ‘Lockdown is showing good results because we have saved thousands of lives in the last one and a half months.’ He also told the states that the guidelines should be strictly implemented in hotspots or red zone areas so that no new cases arise any more.

The Prime Minister asked the Chief Ministers for the advent weather of summer and monsoon, will it help them to fight against COVID-19?


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