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    COVID-19 Pandemic news – Over 2.3 million cases and 160,755 deaths confirmed so far globally

    COVID-19 cases are growing very fastly and registering deaths also. The cases are spreading and we do not have any control over it yet, as no medicine or drug prevention has been found by any of the countries. And without medicine, it is not possible to stop it. Well, many of the powerful nations are searching and experimenting for medication for COVID-19 including USA, India and many more other countries.

    Registered worldwide Corona cases are 2,330,937. Confirmed deaths have crossed 160,755 so far and boosting day by day. Critical cases are 55,265 (4%) of total world cases. Many people are recovering also from corona. The good news of 596,537 recovered cases have been confirmed. This is a big victory against Novel Corona Virus.

    USA is now the most affected continent in the world. The total COVID-19 cases of US are 738,830. Most of the fatalities are 39,014 which have been confirmed so far. 13,551 existing cases are serious. These number of patients are more than all other countries. Only 68,285 cases are recovered. Donald Trump said with confidence that the rate of fatalities can’t cross over 1 lakh and they must find the antidote only in a few days.

    The most affected nations are listed below.

    Country Total Cases  Deaths
    USA 738,830 39,014
    Spain 194,416 20,639
    Italy 175,925 23,227
    France 151,793 19,323
    Germany 143,724 4,538
    UK 114,217 15,464
    China 82,735 4,632
    Turkey 82,329 1,890
    Iran 80,868 5,031
    Belgium 37,183 5,453
    Russia 36,793 313

    Here are some most affected countries from this crisis that are enlisted for showing cases and deaths.

    At present, we have only one way to prevent and control the spreading of this Pandemic and that is :

    Stay at home safely!


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