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    Which Fonts to Use on Your Custom-Printed Triangle Flags?

    Business owners know the importance of graphic design. If you have a strong graphic design team, you can create better marketing materials. With those marketing materials, you can build your company’s reach. However, hiring graphic designers is expensive. Business owners must know some design basics to have control over their brands’ appearance.

    A key aspect of getting your company’s graphic design right is finding a font that suits your brand. Typography is a core aspect of graphic design. The type of fonts you use on your marketing materials will communicate your company’s personality to target audiences. Companies can see increases in sales of up to 20% just by redesigning their fonts.

    So, which fonts will look the best on your custom triangle flags? Each font comes with unique strengths and weaknesses. Here are some reliable fonts that always give a professional vibe to viewers.

    Best Fonts for Custom-Printing Marketing Flags


    Verdana is a very popular font. Many businesses use this font on their marketing materials. For instance, PayPal has always used Verdana on its website, marketing materials, etc. Verdana is a good font for custom-printed marketing flags because –

    • The font was designed for writing small text. Hence, its legibility is perfect for marketing flags.
    • Verdana can be read easily on screens and on printed materials. This flexibility makes it ideal for small businesses that use both digital and physical marketing tools.
    • Verdana looks good in both big and small sizes. If your custom marketing flags have multiple headings, using Verdana makes total sense.

    Overall, this font will give your branded marketing materials a consistent look.

    Century Gothic

    Century Gothic is another easy-to-read font. The neatness of this sans serif font makes it ideal for printed materials. If your custom marketing flags are displaying major announcements, using this font makes absolute sense. Use the Century Gothic font to create large headlines for your custom flags. These headlines will be readable from far distances.


    Helvetica is the oldest font on this list. Business owners have used this font on marketing materials for over 60 years. This font is clean, easy to read, and easy to identify. Using this font to make custom marketing flags that feature important business information is very helpful. Unlike other fonts, Helvetica draws the attention of the readers.

    That means even if your custom marketing flag contains detailed information, people will read it. Microsoft, Panasonic, and Evian are some major companies that use Helvetica on their marketing materials.

    Other popular fonts for designing custom marketing flags include –

    • Arial Black
    • Chuckfive
    • Bebas
    • Akzidenz Bold
    • Aachen Bold
    • Gobold
    • Helvetica Black
    • Balloon
    • Futura extra bold

    Fonts to Avoid

    Here are some fonts that look awful on custom marketing flags. Don’t make the mistake of using these fonts on your marketing materials –

    • Comic Sans
    • Segoe Script
    • Impact

    These fonts don’t appear professional and can reflect your brand in a poor light.

    The way you design your custom marketing flags is all about your brand’s personality. Pick a font that resonates with your brand’s ideals. Then, use it on all of your printed promotional materials – not just your custom marketing flags!


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