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    Excel to PDF Conversion Made Swift and Easy by GoGoPDF

    Excel Files are what you label the files rendered by spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel. These programs are widely used in fields like accounting, business, finance, and even research. They allow users to present their data in a more comprehensive and understandable manner, not only to them but also for the possible audience to review the data they gathered.

    Although Excel Files are already an impressive file format in itself, it also carries something negative. There is a possibility of having viruses attached to its macros. This is especially dangerous because it exposes your whole hard work in a spreadsheet to the risk of being messed up. To eliminate this risk, you have come to the right place!

    How to remove the risk of having viruses on your spreadsheet?

    If you are expecting a fancy answer, you might be disappointed. The step to eliminating the risk is very easy and straightforward. All you have to do is to convert your Excel to PDF. PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format primarily made to show electronic documents, preserving every single element and format within the raw files.

    You may convert Word to PDF using the software. Only if you think it is a good idea to subject yourself to the hassle of installation and to spending vast sums of money. If you do not, you may visit the website called GoGoPDF, a platform that offers a variety of tools that can modify and convert different file formats, including PDF.

    How to convert Excel to PDF using GoGoPDF?

    There are four easy steps you need to follow to have the PDF version of your Excel. First, upload the excel from your device to the server. You can click the select files button and choose from your device, or you may simply drag the desired file to the conversion box. Second, the website will perform the process by scanning and converting your file.

    The third step is for you to wait for the process to finish. It is guaranteed that you will not waste too much time waiting. So be patient for at least two minutes. The last step is where you will be brought to a download page where you can save the PDF version of your Excel to your device. Other options include sending it via email or sharing it on social media.

    Processing is done with Speed and Convenience

    No one wants to wait for an extended period of time. If everyone had the choice, they definitely would not subject themselves to the hassle of waiting, especially if they have a hundred more things to do. GoGoPDF understands that. Hence, they ensured that every process done using their website would be speedy and hassle-free.

    Moreover, the creator understands the diversity of the users of GoGoPDF. Some users might have a degree in computer technology, while some might be non-tech savvy and are unfamiliar with the whole functionalities of websites. Hence, they made sure that the website is designed elementary-style to cater to audiences with lower levels of expertise on the web.

    Universally Compatible and Only requires Internet Connection

    Among the features that GoGoPDF prides itself on is its universal compatibility. The problem with some websites, especially the newer ones, is their incapacity to work with older devices, operating systems, and even browsers. Fortunately, you will not experience that with GoGoPDF as the creators have tested the website across different platforms.

    Unlike software, you do not have to undergo a tedious installation process that can consume your space and consequently slow down your device’s performance. All you need is an internet connection since every single step will be done online using cloud storage. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access GoGoPDF anytime, anywhere.

    Respect to the Privacy Rights of their users

    Nothing is more impressive than a platform that values the safety of its users. As you read the privacy policy of GoGoPDF, you will be taken aback by how seriously they respect their users’ privacy rights. They used outstanding encryption tools to avoid breaches on their servers and even delete uploaded files an hour after the completion.


    GoGoPDF should be the go-to platform in anything related to PDF. Not only does it convert your Excel file to PDF and removes the risk of viruses on your spreadsheet, but it also makes sure that you will only have the most convenient and overall the best experience in using the platform. It is an additional feature that the platform upholds the value of privacy rights.


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