Faridabad: Meter reading started, no electricity bills will be sent now


Electricity Corporation has started meter reading. Now electricity bills will be sent to consumers according to the reading. Now the average bills will not come. Officials say that readings have been resumed to reduce consumer distress. The district has more than five and a half lakh consumers. The corporation stopped meter reading in March due to the increasing prevalence of Corona virus. Everybody was sending average bills since then. This led to many consumers complaining that they were being sent wrong bills.

They are having a lot of trouble with this. In order to reduce these problems, the corporation has stopped sending the average bill and the meter reading has been resumed. Safety kits have been provided to all employees for this. According to DH Nahar Kakkar of DHBVN, employees going door to door for meter reading have been given sanitizers, gloves, head masks etc. Now all consumers will get bills according to the readings.


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