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    Good And Favorite Games – Why Are They So Different?

    “Favorite games” – I think that for each of us this term will cause completely different pictures in our heads and emotions in our souls. And of course, the answers to such a question will be completely individual. So we find out that some people love online shooters with dynamic gameplay, while others admire many hours of plots with different emotional stories, and you completely replay the game from 10 years ago and still enjoy it. It seems to be nothing unusual, as it should be, many will think.

    Favorite games are so different

    However, you can often hear about games 5, 10, or even 15 years ago. With the words – “it used to be better”, many players put the old games as the standard and apogee of the gaming industry. “If it used to be like this, now it should be the same, or even better and more”

    Increasingly, players pay attention to poorly developed mechanics or a small number of details in modern games, and few people remember the good ones or make completely unfair comparisons of games from different studios and genres. Sometimes it comes to comparing indie projects and games, along the way criticizing the lack of any detail or feature that exists in another game. They cling to every bug and inaccuracy to find another reason for criticism. Here we look back at 2020 and remember at least the last of us part ii, and cyberpunk 2077.

    Is the love of the game determined by its age?

    Of course, no one will argue with the fact that most people have one or another game from childhood that has had, or still has, a special influence on them. Perhaps even changed the attitude to the world around and determined the tastes for the media industry. We try to keep only positive memories, and there is nothing wrong with that. After all, as children, we were all more emotional and impressionable, and even the very first call of duty was not just a shooting gallery with stupid dummies.

    Because of the nostalgic feeling, sometimes there is a desire to return to them again, to remember that most pleasant and serene mood. Memories associated with the gaming experience of the past are most often filled with a subjective and pure concentration of positive emotions, and are devoid of any criticism, even if the game had obvious problems related to developers’ mistakes or limited technologies of the time. But now it is less and less common to meet such a pure love for modern games.

    Games get worse over time, or has made past games too good?

    So why have people forgotten how to love modern games, and why are the games from the 2000s so memorable? Is it possible to call games good even if they have not gained the attention and sympathy of the players? And where should criticism be directed in video games?

    The versatility of games

    To begin with, it is worth noting that today there are many genres of video games, from simple and sometimes unique indie projects to complex and sophisticated giants. And everyone has the opportunity to choose something to their liking.

    Also, games can be unique within the same genre, for example, call of duty modern warfare (2019) and doom eternal (2019), on one hand, both belong to the “shooter” genre, but the gunplay and other components of the shooter are noticeably different. Weapon: it’s visual and sound design; combat design – call of duty is characterized by large-scale maps with random and unpredictable skirmishes. The developers of doom, in turn, prepared for the player several “arenas” with a certain set of opponents.

    Equals Versatility?

    So, games are a complex set of various aspects that harmoniously interact with each other, which include: plot, characters, open world (if any), gameplay, visual design, etc., created according to the rules of the screenwriter, narrative, gameplay, level-, and sound-design. But some games are distinguished by their unique, special study of one aspect or another. For example, developers can focus solely on gameplay, risking losing the integrity of the story, or, on the contrary, reduce the concentration and quality of บาคาร่า game play, devoting more time and attention to the main plot.

    Of course, cases of implementing most aspects at a fairly good level are not excluded, without sacrificing others, but this happens infrequently and directly depends on the developers Taking account such features of the creation of modern games, we will conditionally divide them into massive – “fast food” and immersive – “slow food”.
    Favorite Games

    Mass games and for zero. (“Fast food”)

    The concept of mass character means such a thing that can satisfy the desires and needs of everyone, or a sufficiently large number of people at the same time. As for the gaming industry, mass products in it are very common and come out every year, several pieces. How can they be characterized?


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