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    Katana Zero is an action platform bk8thai game created by the development team. The game was released on April 18, 2019, that’s when I got to the page of this game on Steam. I didn’t expect anything from the game, because at that time I didn’t touch plat formers either. After the same “hollow knight”, in principle, he was afraid to enter them, because it turned out that it could take 40 hours to complete. Visually, everything looked like a dubious event against the backdrop of “ore” and “cup head”.

    But let’s just say that after trying it, my opinion has changed significantly. Why? i will try to tell you below, so I hope you and I will have a good time. I’ll say in advance that it won’t work out without spoilers at all, but I will try to shine them as little as possible so that it would still be interesting for those who didn’t pass katana zero to go into it on their own for review.


    The game takes place in the neo-noir metropolis of new mecca, 7 years after its war with an unnamed Asian country. The main character is a 22-year-old guy named zero, who suffers from amnesia and is engaged in killing custom targets. The plot itself takes place over 10 days, which is what the first inscription that pops up on the screen tells us about. From the very beginning, we are shown that zero is far from being an ordinary killer, because he knows how to deflect bullets with his katana, and also literally penetrates the future when thinking through his operation. During these 10 days, he will have to learn more about his past, as well as fight his inner demons.

    Here I would like to talk a little about zeros

    Who are the main characters in the game? Zeros are soldiers who, during the war, were engaged in rather dirty work in the opinion of society. They were divided into three classes depending on their skills, namely: “alpha zero”, “beta zero”, and “gamma zero”. The latter were the elite among the zeros, as far as I understood, because their survival rate on a special training ground is 100% when the same alpha is 7%.

    Candidates for the zero project were selected quite carefully, the same zero attracted leadership with his aggressiveness and psychopathic tendencies, thanks to which he was assigned to the gamma project from early childhood. The fact is that the main character does not have a natural aversion to murder, in addition to which, he also revels in death, which he talks about a little further. I don’t know if they were taken only to Jammu from early childhood because at the moment not much is known about them. But all this does not work without, it was he who made invincible soldiers out of zeros, who were supposed to lead the new mecca to victory.


    CHRONOS is a time-manipulating drug, and possibly slightly enhances the users’ bodies, giving them incredible speed. In addition, “CHRONOS” actually has quite terrible side effects, from the sounding of which it becomes unpleasant. Not only is his reception vital for nulls, but weeks for them can also last as long as a year, shaking the already flimsy mental state of hard workers. Most of the nulls died precisely from the “withdrawal syndrome”, which arose due to the absence of.

    The terrible thing is that people who take this drug cannot die. According to one of the characters in the game, for us, they are already dead, but in their head, they are still experiencing that very painful moment of death. With the “withdrawal syndrome,” it is a little different, because for those people time simply stops, dooming them to such an existence. That’s all with the plot block, I’ll leave the rest of the interesting plot points for you to familiarize yourself with. Yes, that’s how bad I am.


    Everything is short here because the management is quite convenient. On the LMB we cut, and on the RMB we throw all the selected items on the level. The shift we use to slow down, move the classic wads. The only thing that set me on fire was jumping down from the platform. The fact is that to jump to the bottom it is enough to press s, but often there were situations when I did not fully press a and d, because of which the hero did a roll instead of jumping. It seems not critical, but on some levels, it caused a lot of inconveniences. Also, because of the local, I quite often lost the crosshairs on the screen, after which I hit not at the enemy, but at the sky or the ground.


    The เครดิตฟรี(free credit) gameplay itself in the game is quite simple, you need to complete the level without getting injured. Any slap on the character is fatal, after which zero says: “that won’t work  …” and the level restarts. As we found out earlier, the main character is zero, who can and practices penetration into the future. At the start of each level, zero begins the planning stage, during which we try to chop up our opponents without taking any damage. After our successful passage, zero is already starting his safest run, which is shown to us in the form of a replay.


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