Gurgaon: Police cut cake with blind passengers at station

गुड़गांव, रेलवे स्टेशन पर स्पेशल ट्रेन में जाने वाले दृष्टिहीन बच्चों के साथ केक काटते पुलिसकर्मी।

Today was a special day for the visually impaired children boarding a special train from Gurgaon railway station, one they were returning to their village and from the top they reached the railway station, the Gurgaon police ordered cake for them and got the cake cut from them. Under these leadership of Deputy Commissioner of Police Sumer Singh, the feeling of cutting the cake with these 8 disabled children and then distributing it to other children on the train also became unforgettable for these children. This feeling of the police will be remembered as memorable moments for these differently abled children, but whoever saw it, the Gurgaon Police has become a fan.

Special train was arranged from Gurgaon railway station for the third consecutive day on Friday to take the migrant citizens to their ancestral village safely. The train departed from Gurgaon railway station at 2.15 pm on Friday, in which 1200 passengers in 20 bogies went to their homes at places falling to Darbhanga in Bihar. SDM Hitendra Sharma of Badshahpur, ACP Ashok Kumar, DCM Manish Yadav from Railway Protection Force, ACM Ankur and many other officials arrived at the station to see off these passengers.


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