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    Heathrow Airport chief said – Immunity passports should be made for people recovering from infection, so that the economy improves

    John Holland Kaye, head of the world’s busiest UK Heathrow Airport, has advocated the implementation of the ‘immunity passport’ system. Under this, he has proposed to give risk free certificate to those who are healthy with coronavirus and implement it worldwide.

    With this arrangement, before the journey, that person will know that he is allowed to go to another country through this immunity passport. Such people will also be able to go on holidays. He has also emphasized the resumption of flight services between low-risk countries of Corona to bring the economy back on track.

    The number of air travelers in Britain decreased by 97%

    John Holland said in a TV show on Sunday that the number of passengers in Britain had dropped by 97% to 5-6 thousand, compared to 2.5 lakh daily before the outbreak. This is by far the lowest level of air traffic in the UK. It is feared that it will remain like this for a long time.

    In view of all these problems, there is an appeal to our government to work together with other countries on the international standard so that airlines can be restored between the countries affected by Corona. For this it is necessary that an immunity passport or risk-free certificate is issued to those who have recovered from coronavirus.

    Immunity passport not yet considered in India

    Immunity passports are not yet being considered in the country. According to DGCA, only the rules of lockdown issued from the Ministry will be followed. However, airline companies have been issued a guideline regarding corona during flight operations, which will have to be followed.


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