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    Here is how to apply for E Permit during Lockdown

    During lockdown, one may have to move to another city or state. In such a situation, the biggest challenge is how to go? Where can I get a permit? How much time will it take? Will requesting the police not work? The only way to answer all such questions is e-permit. There is no problem in taking it. The best thing is that it is very easy to take this pass. Let us show you the way

    Apply for a pass here

    If you want to go from one state to another, then its method is very easy. You have to apply online on the official website. For this you http://serviceonline.gov.in Will have to go and apply for e-permit here.

    Who can get a permit

    Permission is not available for everyone in one state or city travel. The government is giving permits only to students, essential services providers, tourists, pilgrims, emergency / medical travel and those who attend the wedding.

    How to apply?

    Applicant can apply for one or more people. Before submitting the online form, scan and keep all the required documents. In this, you have to provide your Aadhaar card, vehicle number, driver details. For the reason that you are applying for a permit, scan the same. For example, if you are traveling for medical reasons, then you will have to submit a medical certificate. If you are going to a wedding, then if you have a wedding card or students, then you have to upload your Aadhar card.

    Security personnel can ask for an e-permit during travel

    As soon as you get an e-permit, you will get information about it on the website. When the pass is issued, it has the name, address, validity and QR code of the applicant. Permits can be downloaded to your mobile. Security personnel can ask for this permit during travel.


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