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    How Germany saved its citizens from Coronavirus?

    The whole world is moaning with the havoc of Corona. In Europe, America and Asian countries, thousands of people are becoming victims of Corona every day. The number of people infected in the US has almost doubled than in China. Although the situation in Germany is similar, if you look at the figures in Germany, the death rate is only 0.9 percent, which is the lowest in other countries of the world. The death rate in Italy is 11 percent, while in a powerful and developed country like America, it is 1.8 percent. The death rate in India is now around 2.5%.

    Paradigm For All

    According to the World Health Organization, as of March 30, 63,000 people in Germany were infected with the coronavirus. This number is more than the number of infected people in France and Britain. But according to experts in Germany, only 560 people died because Germany was victorious in reducing the death rate. After all, it adopted the method of testing more people and give more appropriate treatment for people.

    In other countries like India itself, only those people are being tested in which the symptoms of coronavirus are being found. They can not check all its citizens at once because of the large population, whereas a comprehensive method is being adopted in Germany. Chairman of Germany’s Robert Koch Institute, says that by March 19, the government had conducted tests of 167,000 people.

    The elderly were also rescued

    Germany has a lower percentage of the population over the age of 60, the median age of patients infected with Corona in Germany is 45. This means that Germany did not allow its older people to be infected as it was in some other countries.

    Reasons for lower death rates

    Germany is the first country in which the most reliable method of testing has been adopted and implemented at the state level. Private companies have prepared a large number of test kits, showing readiness. 1400000 test kits were also given to the world. On January 28, a person was found positive in the Autoparts company of China and quarantined all the people who came in contact with him.


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