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    Coronavirus crisis continues, 59203 Fatalities registered so far

    In November 2019, coronavirus started spreading, and now its patients are all over the world. Tolls are still rising, and there is chaos in 190+ countries. The whole world is locked down, but except China, there are no expected results.

    As per worldometer data, globally, there are 1,117,860 coronavirus cases, 59,203 confirmed deaths, the number of recoveries is 228,990. The point of tension is that 39,391 patients are still in critical condition. The graphs of fatalities are rising every single hour.

    The USA is the most affected country by this pandemic. 7,402 deaths are confirmed and still 277,475 active cases. In the USA, 5,787 patients are in acute/critical conditions. The USA registered around 1000+ deaths in the last 24 hours. The second most harshly affected country by coronavirus is Italy, where the number of cases is 119,827, a total of 14,681 fatalities are confirmed. 4,068 patients in Italy are in dangerous conditions. Various actions are considered to defeat COVID-19 in each country.

    COVID-19 News – Number of cases rises to 2790, around 70 Fatalities

    The number of coronavirus cases in Spain is 119,199, and the death toll rises to 11,198. Germany has 91,159 active cases, and around 1,275 deaths are confirmed. France is the next severely affected country and has 82,165 active cases with a death toll of 6,507.

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