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    How to prepare children to avoid the side effects of CORONA

    Don’t be afraid of the corona: It has been more than a month, spending time in lockdown. The children may be looking at the new environment of the house, but they have questions about the present time. Experts say that children’s eagerness should not be ignored. The WHO states that incidents of abuse on children are increasing worldwide. All the parents should prepare their children to fight by giving information about the corona as well as the physical and social effects associated with the virus.

    Violence cases increased concern: Incidents related to physical, mental violence on children increased during the lockdown across the country. Childline India (toll-free number 1098) listened to 3.07 lakh complaints across the country between March 20 and 31, with 30 percent of them linked to domestic abuse.

    Safe-healthy environment: According to UNICEF, children need to have a very healthy and safe environment at home. If any of these things are compromised, then the impact of the epidemic on children will be profound. Parents should pay special attention to their children’s behavior. See if the child has not started feeling unnecessary fear towards home or any outsider.

    Eye on Internet Security: Nowadays, children are studying online. The WHO recommends that parents keep an eye on the fact that the child is not at risk of being bullied on the Internet. You can also complain to the local cyber cell. UNICEF states that under no circumstances should children’s education continue.

    Helping poor children: At that time, it is very challenging for the community who earn and eat every day. This family can be indirectly connected to you here in many ways. Get a call on the employee working in your home. Involve your children in such dialogues so that they become sensitive.

    Protect against violence and abuse: When communities are facing challenges, it has the greatest impact on children, especially disabled children and girls. In such a situation, it is essential that you do not let the children suffer your anxiety related to health and livelihood. If a member of your household is violent towards children, then the other members meet and oppose it. A community of families returning from other states in the country with the help of migrant children is also developing. You can contribute financial help to the organizations of the state governments working for such children by staying at home.

    Show factual information in front of children, but give information according to their age. Keep an eye on which content TV connected to corona is watching on the Internet.


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