COVID-19 News: Active cases in Spain are now decreasing continuously


Spain is the second most struggling country going through with the pandemic named COVID-19. According to the data of active cases looks like Spain is relieving now, as, from the previous four days, the active cases are decreasing continuously. On 23 April 2020, the active cases were 100,106, and today it is 85,069, and now it has a total of 2,29,422 cases remained.

Spain Flag image

The current data shows, 2,793 new cases in Spain, and 331 deaths are recorded, 3,105 patients are recovered and discharged.

Spain came very early in the grip of COVID-19 according to the data of the same day of last month on 27, Feb 2020, there were only 25 cases on that time, but, in only two months there will be 2,29,397 cases raised which is too fast, it suddenly trapped in the grip of COVID-19, probably, it can be the negligence of Spain. And when it comes alertness, then India was done that long ago, and is now India is so rigorous in this case of alertness.

For some days, the active cases are now decreasing in Spain continuously, and the citizens are relieving now; that’s maybe a hope for the people who is the citizens of Spain. Now, including Spain’s data, there are 30,64,894 active cases in the world, and 2,11,609 deaths are recorded, and 922408 are recovered successfully.


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