COVID-19 spreading is still boosting fastly in the whole worldincluding India. And no vaccine is founded yet. The Government is now strictly forcing the countrymen to follow the rules and regulations of lockdown.

In video conferencing, Prime Minister announced that public transport is unlikely to be restarted during these days. The central Government will expand the countrywide lockdown on May 3. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has indicated that between May 3 and May 15 could ease many existing restrictions.

Some states have said that hotspots and red zones, where COVID-19 cases have been registered in high amount, need to be shortened so that we have not to inconvenience to live, as PM said. The PM also said that states should not show any decency in ensuring that rules are strictly followed as wearing masks and social distance.

This was the fourth interaction of PM Narendra Modi with all Chief Ministers to discuss COVID-19 prevent spreading. An official said that the decision on how the lockdown will be expanded post-May, 15 will be taken closer the May 3, it will depend on the situation spread of Virus.


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